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John DeAngelis joined Iowa Settlement, L.L.C. in 2010. John has 18 years of experience in real estate, including work as a real estate attorney, in property development and management, for a major mortgage servicer, and as a consultant and advisor to lenders and property owners. John has reviewed thousands of title searches and also has closed thousands of real estate transactions. He will enhance our emphasis on accurate, precise delivery to the customer. As Chief Operating Officer and a partner alongside Bill and Rosemary Hufford, John will help to move Iowa Settlement, L.L.C. to the next level of excellence in service and support for our customers.

Rose and Bill Hufford founded Iowa Settlement. Both Bill and Rose are themselves expert title researchers, and also have deep relationships with the very best researchers working throughout the State of Iowa. Their passion for the title research business prompted them to expand company coverage to serve the entire state. Rose and Bill stand behind each Iowa Settlement, L.L.C. order.

We look forward to serving you!